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Colleen Attoma-Mathews

Colleen Attoma-Mathews

Colleen is a licensed and trained therapist…

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Dawn Kimmel

Dawn Kimmel

Dawn is a licensed and experienced psychotherapist…

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Welcome to Our Practice

We believe that a good match between client and therapist is critical to a successful therapy experience. By providing a safe, nurturing partnership with our clients, we help our clients to learn, heal and grow.

We provide a consultation for new clients so we can decide together if we are the right partner for you. Contact us to learn more.

When is it time to go to therapy?

Most people come to therapy at a time of conflict or crisis. The conflict may be with our spouse or family. Perhaps a child is acting out or the couple is considering separating. Or, the crisis may be an individual issue that has become overwhelming and it is time for a change.

Therapy certainly can help in times of crisis, but in many cases, prevention is the best medicine. Seeking therapy before problems become out of control can help defuse them. Clients can learn coping skills to help deal with issues while they are still manageable.

Most of our lives are hectic and you may think “I don’t have time for therapy.”  In reality, therapy is one of the few times where we can take a break from the craziness of our daily lives and focus on improving ourselves. This leads to a better quality of life for us and our families.

Each of us has something we could use some help with, whether it’s learning to listen better, be more assertive, or gain more confidence, and psychotherapy can help achieve those goals.